We care about our company and the environment. The health, safety and well-being of our employees matter to us. We also take care of our customers by accurately fulfilling their requirements, getting the job done in a timely manner and ensuring the highest quality.
Our company employs more than 240 people. We are delighted that exactly their personalities make up our company and make it alive. We all spend a lot of time at work – on construction sites, in the office, on the road, however, one of our core values is to keep the work environment friendly. Every one of our employees knows that managers are always available for open and friendly conversation, not only about work-related issues.
Many years in the construction industry have proved that professionalism is invaluable for a high work ethic. The customers can rely on us due to our performance and attitude towards work.
We give our hearts to work and are delighted that our customers also appreciate this enthusiasm. Completion of each project is a special event, and we appreciate the opportunity to throw small celebrations with our clients to mark such occasions. We are pleased that customers often become our friends. Responsibility, honesty and attention to detail are the core values we adhere to in our work.
Outside work
XTM is home to professionals and those who are passionate about their work. We get to know each other at work and appreciate the success of our colleagues. We work together enthusiastically and just as enthusiastically relax together. We can take a breather by spending time together meaningfully, devoting it to motorcycle sport, snowboarding and other hobbies.
We are a company that cares about environmental protection and nature. We are responsible for our planet, and we try to keep it clean and intact. XTM employees have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful fjords, cliffs and mountains of Northern Europe every day. Quite often, our employees spend their daily lives in a charming wilderness. We use environmentally friendly materials and technologies in our work.