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About XTM
Always ready to go the extra mile from good to great
Trust is the hardest thing to build. This is something we have learnt from our 20 years in the сonstruction industry. For XTM, trust is not just a word — it’s at the core of every concrete structure we create. Trust is only possible when it’s built upon a foundation of mutual respect — with our partners, and with the environment we all share. This is our work ethic in a nutshell.
A client-centred approach
We truly enjoy bringing our client’s ideas to life — in a way that’s durable, timely and cost-effective.
Credit rating
We succeed and maintain highest credit-worthiness rating from Soliditet, the Nordic region’s leading supplier of credit and business information.
Our clients
Our clients are the best Scandinavian companies.
XTM quality standards
We have obtained three ISO certificates for safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly operations in companies - SIA XTM, SIA XTM NORD, AB XTM NORD, AB XTM BYGG, AS XTM BYGG
For us, our customers and partners, this certification is an internationally recognized confirmation that XTM is able to provide the highest quality service in accordance with the standards of modern construction requirements and further development.

For us it is important to provide high quality services, protect the environment, as well as employee well-being of our companies.
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Believe us, you want to work here!

Join our powerful team – together we will build the most powerful and sustainable buildings in Scandinavia!

Let’s make the world greyer so everyone can stand out!

XTM projects
Over the years we have created a wide variety of structures — from foundations and floors to multi-storey buildings and bridges. We have worked for industrial, commercial, municipal and government clients in Sweden, Norway and Latvia. Here is a small selection of our most recent work: