About us

We are a construction company with more than 10-year experience and an excellent reputation in the Scandinavian concrete construction market. Our company is 100% Latvian-owned, and our employees are our greatest asset.

We have proven ourselves to be a reliable partner and employer, respectful of the environment and people.

We are growing fast and implementing bigger and more ambitious projects, from perfect industrial floors and multi-storey buildings to complex bridges and dams.

Join our powerful team – together we will build the most powerful and sustainable buildings in Scandinavia!

Let’s make the world greyer so everyone can stand out!

A united team!

Our core value is our team – every member individually and together! Why? Because when someone laughs, they make everyone else laugh. Then, when someone is keen on “tyre drift”, others join in. When we work, everyone is full of energy because we recharge each other!

Together at work and on holidays!

After a job well done, you need a good rest, but only so that you can work again! Here are XTM’s tips – watch the video and get inspired.

Benefits of working in XTM
Your pal will always be there for you – we don't embed our own in concrete!
Supportive colleagues
Our strength is in our teams, where everyone is valued.
Give us your little finger – we’ll take the whole hand!
Long-term employment and stability
Believe us, you want to work here!
Don't forget your pillowcase when you go to the construction site :)
Sense of security
Social guarantees are your safety cushion.
Take a compass, don't mix ports!
Paid transfer
Your commute from home to work and from work home is our concern.
You won't have to pay for electricity!
Provided accommodation
Making Sweden and Norway your home
If you want, you can be a cone with us!
Mastery and development
Opportunity to become an even more skilled professional.
Be the big fish in a little pond with our new collection of work clothing
A job where you feel good
Durable and comfortable work clothing. New, modern work equipment, tools and car fleet.
Eat meat, take plenty of vitamins – beer contains vitamin B.
We take care of you by providing health insurance.
Be happy yourself, and your family will be too. Be generous, treat yourself!
Extra holidays, childbirth allowance, Christmas presents for children.
Bring your own fishing rod
Leisure time
Opportunity to enjoy the nature of Norway and Sweden in your free time.
It will be great for both the stomach and the mind!
We celebrate both small and big victories.
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