A team of experienced professionals will very quickly perform: 

  • Construction of building foundations, bases, etc. structures;
  • Casting of walls and load-bearing walls;
  • Moulding, reinforcement and concreting of bridges;
  • Casting of multi-storey buildings and other facilities.


XTM Bygg @ work (episode 1):



A special technology for making floor levelling layers within commercial facilities – both as a levelling layer above the covering panels and as a separate layer on top of heat insulation. It is very suitable for multifunctional buildings with many small rooms, such as office buildings, apartment houses, hotels, etc. 

The intended thickness of Torrbetong is 30 mm or more. It is suitable above heat insulation and heated floors. As a result, there is a maximally flat surface over which a variety of overlays can be installed without additional self-levelling mortars.

In comparison with the self-levelling materials, the main advantage of Torrbetong is its economic costs because mortar is produced on the site.


XTM Bygg @ work: