We care about many things inside and outside our company. On the one hand we care about each colleague’s health and wellbeing as well as that of their families. On the other hand we care about our clients, fulfilling their requirements and getting the job done on time and at the highest level of quality. We are all human and we see XTM as being like a good citizen who keeps doing his/her best to live a comfortable and happy life.
There are more than 200 of us working in XTM, all of us individuals. We are grateful to our colleagues for creating this company and bringing it to life. We spend a lot of time on duty — on the construction sites, in the office, on the road. One of our key values is to keep our work environment friendly and low in stress. Everyone knows they can discuss issues with their manager and then go together for lunch.
Many years in the construction industry have shown us that a strong work ethic is no less an important part of our trade than technical mastery. The fact that clients know they can rely on us without hesitation has as much to do with our attitude as it does with performance.

We put our heart into what we do and we love working with clients who share that enthusiasm. The completion of each and every project is a special occasion, and we love to mark it with a little celebration with our clients, who often end up becoming our friends. Responsibility, honesty and attention to detail are the main values we pursue in our work.
XTM is a home for professionals and those passionate about their work. We get to know each other on the job and show respect. We work hard together and like to relax together too, maybe even getting away to chill for a couple of days or having fun with motorsports, rafting, paddling or... you name it.
XTM is a company known for its close attention to the environment. We are bound to our planet and we want/strive to keep it clean and wild. XTM operates in Northern Europe in areas of beautiful fjords, rocks and mountains, islands and many unpopulated areas.